27 January 2009

Ski Camp

We are now officially involved in OSCEC ski camp 2009.

The question of whether or not we should go was answered pretty definitively when the money we needed materialized from a couple of different sources.

This evangelistic event will he held from 23-26 February 2009 in Straja.

There will be about 35 participants at the camp, roughly half of whom will be from outside of the ministry. The purpose of the camp will be to give these students a chance to interact with us (i.e. students and leaders of OSCEC) in a fun, relaxed setting with the hope that doing so will help to break down some of the stereotypes which exist in this society against "born-again" Christians.

Right now our biggest obstacle seems to be that there is currently no snow in Straja, which could seriously affect the "Ski" part of Ski Camp.

However, no matter what type of weather God provides for us, I am sure it will be a great opportunity for fellowship and evangelism.

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