28 January 2009

Family Cafe

proDEO held its bimonthly "Family Cafe" this past Saturday evening. There were about 20 couples there, with roughly 1/3 of them being friends and family from outside the church.

This was the third of six meetings, which are built around the theme of "Building Healthy Relationships", but only the first which Raluca and I have been involved in. This month's topic was "Communicating Better" and throughout the evening we enjoyed a number of activities which shared this idea. There were interactive games, music, a short message/discussion and a skit!

I wrote the skit, but the really important thing about it was that it was performed by me and my inredible wife, Raluca. This was not only the first time that Raluca has acted with me, but also the first time that she has done any acting since we have been married!

(photo by Cristi Conea)

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